Class Description

Baptiste Power Yoga

Baptiste Power Yoga will tone, strengthen and rinse your body, clear your mind and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Experience classic Baptiste Power Yoga in a 60-minute format. Each class is built on the Journey Into Power sequence, a series of postures that flow from one to the next. The room is heated to temperatures in the mid 90s, with added humidity and fresh air. Students of all levels of experience are welcome, and options are given to both modify and intensify poses.

Heated Hatha Flow

A heated class focusing on flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath. The instructor will offer a variety of modifications to encourage participation of everyone. We do sitting, standing, and inverted postures, and suggest challenging variations for more advanced students, yet fun and non-intimidating options for newer students. All levels- BEGINNERS WELCOME! 

Hot Beginner

This class is perfect for anyone brand new to yoga. In a warm room we will begin to train ourselves to bring awareness to our breath with movement. We will cover some of the basic yoga postures and alignment principles to feel the full benefits of each pose. This class is also appropriate for Prenatal clients. 

Hot Power Yoga

A class in which movement is synchronized to the breath, and covers a broad range of yoga styles, in a heated studio which makes it a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness. Students are expected to have knowledge of the Primary series and Vinyasa yoga before taking this class. Classes will incorporate inversions, half-full lotus, arm balances, various back-bending and more intricate sequencing. Also known as flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. There are no fixed series of poses. Each class can be different. The basic syntax of allows one to explore a changing syllabus of poses. Each of the teachers will put their own spin to it. We suggest exploration of all teachers to choose your flavor.

Hot Sculpt

Students boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as they move to upbeat tracks. This class combines Pilates movements and cardio to intensify each pose while mixing in strength-training. 

Power Lunch

Get ready to move! This 45 minute power yoga class will get your body moving, heart pumping and blood flowing. This is a fun, faster moving class, with a warm up and cool down, but fewer alignment cues. 


Less work, more relaxation. You’ll spend as many as 20 minutes each in just four or five simple poses (often they’re modifications of standard asanas) using strategically placed props like blankets, bolsters, and soothing lavender eye pillows to help you sink into deep relaxation. There’s also psychic cleansing: the mind goes to mush and you feel brand new. It’s something like group nap time for grownups. It’s better not to fall asleep, though.


This class offers the best of Vinyasa and the best of Yin. The first half of class is traditional Vinyasa yoga to warm the body up and the remaining part of class is yin to expand your flexibility and open targeted areas of the body. Stay connected to breath to release stagnant energy. The practice transitions to poses that improve energy flow in the body with deep stretches to help release connective tissue and improve circulation. Expect to leave class with a sense of peace and deep connection to the body, breath and mind. 

Warm Yin

Come slip into some well-deserved quietness and calmness as we hold deep floor stretches anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes in a lightly heated room. These classes are the perfect balance to the Power Yoga classes at Screaming Buddha. With less poses we will focus on quality as opposed to quantity; allowing our connective tissues and allowing the facia within our body to stretch, get exposed, open up and also allowing blood to flow through. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the power yoga classes we normally do and just the busyness of life in general. Life can be so hectic, but within this practice we really find balance and stillness to shift from doing to being. 

Slow Burn

Slow Burn explores longer holding postures to engage the muscles and cultivate strength and flexibility. This class is designed to balance your mind and go deeper into the breath using slower, progressive posture sequences. Great for new students or experienced students who are looking to take their practice to the next level. Room is heated.